Theatrical play

September 2018

SevenSeven is a devised theatrical trans-generational family journey, in which, as brother and sister, as son and daughter, as grand-son and grand- daughter, we are telling the stories of seven male and seven female ancestors.


Dear ancestors of ours... who were you? What are your stories? Why are we feeling so close to your pains? So touched by your hopes? And sometimes so horrified by your deeds? Why are we carrying all your baggage even though we have never met? Or have we met? On our journey we are focusing on crucial incidents in our ancestor’s lives which were the psychological seeds that grew into unexplainable behaviors, reactions, patterns that have conducted our relations and the way we relate to life in general. Wars and its horrors, Secrets and Conspiracies, Shame and Judgement but also thrive for Freedom, Recognition, Justice and ultimately the need we all share to be loved are the main topics we encounter when we meet our ancestors. 

Blessed of being the living results of a huge melting-pot of cultural heritage, various social classes, religious fates and psychological constitutions, we will explore the oppositions and the similarities of seven generations in the feminine French-Spanish-Algerian-Russian ancestral line of the mother and seven generations on the masculine German-Polish-Swiss ancestral line of the father. 

On the one branch, we untie the narrative nots of before, during and after the first and second World War, and on the other branch we mainly explore the Russian immigration to France before 1900 and the Franco-Algerian war ending 1962 which lead to an ancestral immigration back to France. The production is developed in English, German, French, Russian and Arabic language, with the main focus being on the common English language for everybody to be included. Using a reduced amount of props we chose to support the stories through music, movement, and language loops. 

With SevenSeven, we dive deep into the behavioural constructs humans ultimately all share, to find answers to our shared discomfort and allow truth telling to set an ending to a history of lies.


Pictures from Hatch#8 scratch night: copyright Sandro Gromen Hayes

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