TV Series

© Marion Bott and Alaric Garratt

Not quite as sassy as the pussy punk concert in an orthodox church, but almost, the Gibberiots are the representers, the news bringers of the land who chose to break our ears by delivering the most bitter, acute and burning world wide news in Gibberish.

Gibberiots is a weekly short clip series of 7 mins max, presenting the most actual burning news topics, each to be shown on national TV, before or after the daily news, on Sunday, or any other day. In Gibberish. Gibberiots is an eccentric, extravagant, exuberant TV format for those who are ready for some surrealistic madness as a response to constant ultra-realistic violence. Gibberiots do focus on heavy matter by deconstructing the matter, by showing how life goes on and how being powerless in front of these enormous political tsunamis creates a space in which mundanities become obsessions, and the material reality we created seems to be the only substance we can hold onto.


The Gibberiots are four presenters, also human beings like you and me, with strong archetypical character features, two women, two men who know what they are fighting for, even if their Egos become a little gigantic sometimes. When their egos overlap, their bright, white paper set falls apart, flooded or burnt, ripped off or blown apart. The Cameraman walks off sometimes and does whatever he needs to do when he is fed up with the bickering, which gives us insights into the other dramas of the company. The jazz pianist loses himself in his genius compositions and overtones the news, which is often the moment everybody realizes that the barman is completely drunk and the presenter himself is half-naked, in his boxer shorts or in her bathing suit under the table. But anyways, the news has to be transmitted. And this can happen in many different ways. The improvised and naked dance of the world's distress is being performed by the NEWS BRINGER, live on TV. An artistic contemporary interpretation of horrific facts.

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